Saltgrass Lamb

Adj. - Unique.

"Single, sole, and bearing no equal. To be without peer"


“Flinders Island Saltgrass Lamb is a unique Australian product, and the closest thing I have tasted to the highly prized ‘L’agneau de pré-salé’ from Normandy in France.

The animals roam free with no stress or constraint on this beautiful island, and the resulting meat is tender and flavoursome, with a very special, lightly herbaceous background taste.”

Jacques Reymond, Jacques Reymond Restaurant, Melbourne


The wild winds of Bass Strait – known as the “Roaring Forties” whip over the lush pastures of Flinders Island. So strong are these gales that the trees near the coast grow on an angle away from the wind.

The cleanest air in the world is carried by these winds – purifying the landscape – one that is free from pollution and foreign matter.



Large antarctic swells magnify in Bass Strait, often creating ferocious and wild conditions.

This stretch of ocean is one of the most famous and legendary in the world.

Trace ocean elements and minerals are released into the air by the spray from stormy waves, and carried over the pastures of Flinders Island by the strong gales of of the Roaring Forties.


The precious ocean elements and minerals that are carried by the blowing winds are gently seasoned onto the pastures of Flinders Island.

In particular, iodine is found in higher quantities in the soil of the island than almost anywhere else.

It is this iodine that passes through the soil, to the grass, and into the muscle of the lamb once eaten. And it is iodine that unlocks some of the secrets of “umami”. That 5th taste sensation that is partly responsible for the remarkable flavour of Flinders Island Saltgrass Lamb

Merricote Lamb

Flinders Island Saltgrass Lamb Nose to Tail.

Left to Right – Grilled Cutlet, Roast Loin, Slow cooked Shoulder, Chargrilled Fillet, Crumbed Sweetbreads.

Merricote Restaurant, Melbourne, Australia. Chef – Rob Kabboord


 There is another key element to the secret of the flavour of Saltgrass Lamb –

The way we treat them.

The way an animal is treated has a huge impact on the quality of meat it produces.

It is not only our social and ethical responsibility to treat our farmed animals with integrity – it is so important to the end quality of the produce.

The farmers on Flinders Island are truly masters of their trade. They combine the best of old-world traditional farming practices, with the new and modern techniques available today.

Low stress handling is a key aspect of this.

Ensuring that every animal is happy, well fed, watered, comfortable, and relaxed throughout its entire life cycle is something we pride ourselves on.

Flinders Island Saltgrass Lamb is also internally verified to be:

  • Grass Fed
  • GMO Free
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Hormone Growth Promotant Free
  • British and European Breeds
  • Humanely and Sustainably farmed