Flinders Island

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The Island

Flinders Island is a small, ancient landmass off the southern coast of Australia.

It is located in a legendary stretch of ocean known as “The Roaring Forties”

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Flinders Island pictured (top right)

Once part of an ancient landbridge between Tasmania and Australia, Flinders Island now sits in the infamous stretch of ocean known as “Bass Strait”.

Distant oceanic storms and swells that push up from Antarctica are concentrated in the narrow expanse of sea in the strait, with dramatic effect.

The “Roaring Forties” are named after the ferocious winds that circle the southern hemisphere at the 40th degree parallel.

Flinders Island sits directly in the path of these strong gales.

It is these famous trade winds that carry the cleanest air in the world – as measured by the CSIRO monitoring station at Cape Grim.

The island is home to only 700 locals, many of them farmers who have lived on Flinders Island for generations.

The crisp winds of Bass Strait bring plentiful rainfall to the nutrient rich Saltgrass pastures on the island. It can only be described as the perfect environment for raising the best lamb in the world.


“I have used Flinders Island Saltgrass Lamb on my menu for many years.

Full flavoured and naturally grown, these animals never fail to delight even our most decreeing guests.”

Guy Grossi, Grossi Florentino, Melbourne
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