Who We Are

Noun. - Artisan.

"One who crafts by hand, and with traditional methods"


David and James Madden arrived on Flinders Island one dark and windy night in October of 2010…

They had travelled from the mainland of Australia with all of the equipment they thought they would need to restart the small, abandoned abattoir on Flinders Island that they had blindly bought.

The next morning, before they had an opportunity to start work, their only forklift would not start. Then their truck broke down. Refrigeration wouldn’t start. Parts of the building collapsed.

What ensued was a 5 year journey to restore a once proud part of the island’s business community to its former glory.

But it all started with one vision.

To one day take the spirit of Flinders Island to Australia, and then, to the world.

And to do this with its most sacred of produce – the Saltgrass Lamb.



“This is meat with sensational flavour. It has to be the best tasting meat in Australia”


Bruce Palling, Wall Street Journal Europe Food Columnist, UK

Master Craftsmen


Many of the farmers on Flinders Island have lived there for generations. Knowledge of the land, the environment, and perfected lamb breeding has been handed down from father to son time and time again.

They truly are masters of their craft – and completely in tune and at harmony with their environment.

The understanding, respect, and affection that they have for the special Saltgrass Lambs that they raise is key to the end product being one of the best in the world.

We would love to share some of their stories with you….

David Madden

Farm: Wymmswood

Size: 891 acres

Breed: Hampshire 2nd Cross

Along with co-ordinating the business of Flinders Island Meat, David and James also run their own farm on the eastern side of the island.

“We believe the lamb on Flinders has a special flavour because of how close the farms are to the ocean. It makes all the difference”

Before becoming involved in meat production, David had been a farmer all of his life. This love and passion for the land is something that never left him through the years, and ensuring that he could return to his farming roots was something very important to them both.

This means that David and James are involved in the production of the Saltgrass Lamb product all the way from birth, to growing, processing, and marketing around Australia, and the world.

“The health of our animals is the most important thing to us. Happy lambs produce the best product – so we use low stress handling techniques to make their lives as easy as possible”

Scott and Anna Anderson

Farm: Killara

Size: 3104 acres

Breed: Composite Cross

Scott and Anna’s farm is located on the eastern part of the island, which traditionally produces lambs a little later than the western side. They farm a special composite cross breed that they have perfected over a number of generations, perfectly suited to the coastal environment of Flinders Island.

“There’s definitely a special flavour to the lamb here. You can smell it on the breeze, see it in the rust of the metal on our shearing shed. The ocean plays a part.”

“The health of our animals is the most important thing to us. Happy lambs produce the best product – so we use low stress handling techniques to make their lives as easy as possible”


Gary Blundstone

Farm: Nalinga

Size: 620 acres

Breed: Border Leicester x Poll Dorset

Gary Blundstone’s family have owned Happy Valley for over 90 years. One of the first productive farms cultivated on Flinders Island, it remains to this day one of the best. Gary’s lambs are always the first of the season – it’s always been that way.

The farm is on the western side of the island and faces the prevailing winds from the seas of Bass Strait. It’s not a bad thing – these winds bring ocean minerals that are deposited on Gary’s nutrient rich pastures.

“I just think it’s the way we look after them. They’re happy lambs. They don’t have to travel very far. There’s pasture here all year round, we don’t need to supplement them with grains.”